Alex Lucero was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. Alex grew up working alongside his father doing maintenance and later the landscaping industry. From a young age, Alex learned the entire landscaping process from beginning to end. He loved seeing the impact a backyard space could make on a whole family…bringing people together. He quickly moved into the irrigation side of landscaping, working as an irrigation tech for a landscape company. After years in landscaping, he was given the opportunity to take a job with the City of Phoenix. It was the City of Phoenix that gave him the certifications to back up his experience. For the city, Alex did irrigation repairs on the park's mainlines and became certified in water management, land management, and design. To fill his weekend time, Alex started doing side jobs in the same industry. By 2017, Alex had made a name for himself in the landscaping business. His "side jobs" started to stack up, allowing him to leave the City of Phoenix and start his own business, Outside Solutions.


Outside Solutions has become an established, well-known landscaping business. Alex now has an entire team working with him to create backyard escapes for anyone and everyone. While Outside Solutions does everything related to landscaping, Alex truly enjoys starting from scratch. While many landscaping companies shy away from the design side of landscaping, this is where Outside Solutions thrives. Alex LOVES walking into a new build with a clean slate. He loves to sit down with a client and listen to their needs, wants, and desires…then he loves to turn those into visuals for them with the 3D design. From a young boy, his favorite thing was to see a job from start to finish…and this feeling of joy, when the customers see the finished product, has stayed with him all these years. He loves nothing more than to turn a client's vision into reality.  


When Alex isn't doing landscaping, he loves to travel and spend time with his family. Family is important to him, and they enjoy every moment they can get together. Soccer is something Alex enjoys too. Not only does he help sponsor a classic soccer club, but Alex also plays in a competitive soccer league with Arizona Major Soccer League. A fun fact about Alex is, on top of running a business, he has recently picked up day trading and loves it!  


Outside Solutions is Alex's passion that started from a young age. Alex has proved landscape isn't just mowing and trimming bushes; it is an art. Outside Solutions will transform an unused area into a place to gather with friends and family for years to come. He's just waiting to sit down with you and turn your vision into reality.