Pavers are a fantastic way to make an impression with endless design options for your outdoor escape.  



Not only are they visually appealing, but they give your home higher resale value due to their beauty and versatility. Pavers can be manipulated to create artistic designs and colors.


Pavers are very low maintenance, they do not crack, and repairs are simple. When we install pavers, we use polymer sand to help interlock the pavers, which makes them more durable. This material helps prevent weeds from growing between the bricks.  Pavers are four times as strong as your average concrete slab, allowing more weight without cracking. If a paver needs to be repaired or replaced, this is a simple exchange. 


Outside Solutions has different options to choose from when it comes to paver designs.  Ask about our 3D rendering that gives you a visual of what your vision will look like completed in the day and in the evening with the complementary lighting.   


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