Synthetic grass has become more popular with the desire to conserve water, cut down on maintenance, and the endless drought seasons Arizona endures. Outside Solutions would be honored to help you decide if synthetic grass is the direction for you.  



Years ago, you could spot a synthetic grass from miles away.  Today, technology has come so far, that it is often difficult to detect artificial grass from a natural grass without running your hands over it.  It also comes with UV protection against color fading so you can have a stunning look that lasts for 15-20 years.  


The main reason synthetic grass has become so popular is because of the opportunity it provides to save water. Landscape irrigation accounts for 1/3 of residential water use. It is estimated that every square foot of grass replaced with synthetic grass will save 55 gallons of water per year.



Synthetic grass is very low maintenance (if any at all) and is extremely durable.  Synthetic grass can withhold heavy use without wear and tear. Where natural grass can be a feeding ground for insects and rodents, synthetic grass isn't appealing to these pests.  


Outside Solutions would be happy to go over more pros and cons and help you decide if synthetic grass is the best option for your individual needs.   


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